January 14th, 2010


      This morning I’m going to breakfast with friends. Its cold and already I’m getting tired of wearing my heavy coat. There other day I put some of my summer clothes in a bookcase all folded and piled neatly. I got the idea from a bedroom scene I seen in a movie a long time ago. I bought a new book case and have it in the living room. My bookcase dresser is in the bedroom. I just can’t get rid of an old bookcase. They are so easy to dust. The one in the movie was an industrial wire shelf. I think this looks better. It’s a slow process to decorate and personalize an apartment. I am making this one look good. Yesterday, I located two soft light fluorescent tubes in a wholesale electrical store for an existing bathroom fixture. I got rid of the obnoxiously bright tubes that were there. Things are shaping up. 
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