January 12th, 2010

"Later On"

       Well, later never came and its occurred to me this morning that its usually on Mondays that my mind won’t work. Now, see how long that sentence was. I think some of the problem is the way I write about what is happening to our country. Yes, I should address that, as we all should but so much negative stuff is happening, its just too crazy for my brain processor to handle on Mondays. I mentioned the other morning $4.00 dollars a gallon for gas will be here soon. Now they are talking about huge bonuses for the stock market big-wigs and God only knows who else? Here, in the Connecticut affluent countryside while families are working, homes are being broken into at an alarming rate. Anger and greed is at an all time high and murder in the most ridiculous forms is now the lead story on the local news. Our police are now part time Swat teams and Terrorist threats are so high I’m afraid to fly. I heard on CNN that the Muslim men and woman are saying there are being profiled and the woman are embarrassed.  OMG, WTF do they think is going to happen…Go to an airport wearing Robes and Burka’s…You can bet your life you are going to go through the X-ray machine….All because some freak of nature had explosives in his freaking underwear. I can just imagine the Al Qaeda cowards in their caves rolling around on the dusty floor laughing hysterically at how we are dealing with what happened. See what I mean? Its insane! I am sitting here in awe at how stupid this stuff is. If it wasn’t really happening you would think I’m crazy. I can’t help it. Its no wonder my brain shuts down. It’s like I’m having a mind overload and it automatically lowers the word output to short sentences. The bottom line to all this is that I have been hearing more and more people mention God in a very reverent way lately. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not religious zealot in any way. I have mentioned in the past that I have a Higher Power because I could never be in charge of my life. I tried years ago to control things and certainly messed it up. Some day I’m going to write about my blessings because of my Higher Power.  Its just what this world is turning into now that I can’t deal with. I laugh then I cry. I don’t know what to do? So I’m just going to turn it over to my Higher Power now so I don’t have to think about it. Sir, please remove your sun glasses before coming into the restaurant……..OMG   
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