January 10th, 2010


               I was going to say how cold it was here but what’s the point its cold everywhere. Its going to be a normal Sunday for me. I’m going to make it as normal as possible. Lately I have been asking people I come in contact with what they think about our country as it is today. The comments have been all negative. They range from forced acceptance, hopelessness and astonishment. Some people are happy to know that they are not alone in thinking about what will happen in the future. With me, its why is it happening so fast? I know the answer but its like, don’t other people know? I think best way to describe is, its like getting on a merry-go-round and going for a ride……The ride ends and when you get off, its in a different place. It’s the same place, its just different. You look everywhere to find where you are but there is only confusion and indifference and no one seems to care.
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