January 8th, 2010


          I didn’t want to complain much this winter about the snow and cold but I can see I’m not alone. My friends are posting from all over the country and we all feel about the same when it comes this winter stuff. Its cold and snowing almost everywhere…. I’m on the Connecticut shoreline and I get the bad weather last after my friends do from Washington state, Illinois, Iowa, Texas, Oregon, upstate New York and a whole lot of other places….I just got up and looked out at the gray snowy weather. Will it ever stop? I notice there are only delays at schools and those places that call in with late starts, not full a day off. That’s a good sign…The thing is it usually gets really cold after these storms and the water freezes on the Mustang when I wash it at the car wash. Its here we go again when that happens.  I‘ve got that down to a science when it comes to doing that job.  
          Today I go to the dentist. I made a late afternoon appointment. I usually try for morning appointments but I want to get this over with. That will mean I will be in that boring drive home traffic. It seems everybody is angry and is trying to pass every one out. If it wasn’t so sad it would be funny. In this area I just go in the opposite direction towards the ocean. It takes a little longer to get home but that’s OK, its worth it. Now, I’ve got to reset the digital clocks in my house the power went off for a few seconds last night. What else is new?       
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