January 7th, 2010

"North and South"

      I had a great time yesterday afternoon and last night….. First……I heard that my good friend Richard is OK and feeling better…I haven’t heard from him in a long time…Since I moved. His health was not so good in the past and this time I actually thought he was, well, you know what I mean. Second….My friends in the north and I  had a great discussion about things that will happen for us as a group in the future. Third….Later, me my son and daughter-in-law had a wonderful time. She made a lobster salad for a late dinner and we had some great conversation…..And forth……I returned ex-girlfriend Barbara’s stuff to her….I went to the convenience store where she works and waited until there were 4 people in line. I walked in and put the things behind the counter and left. I didn’t look but I thought I heard a gasp a second before the door closed. And fifth….Its late and this morning I’m going to breakfast my friends here in the south……Later guys..
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