January 3rd, 2010

"Over Informed"

….Had a good time last night. The cold and wind spoiled it a little but winter is here. I’ll do the best I can under the circumstances. Today is football day but the Giants aren’t in it anymore. I guess I’ll just watch whatever is on. Is it me or is the trouble in the world escalating? Its just too much to digest. I am being over informed by all the information from everywhere. There is so much news, weather, war and commercials. If someone isn’t being shot their being blown up. I think its time shut everything off. Twenty-ten is off to a good start and it doesn’t look like its going to get better….I’ve got a really bad feeling about this year. There are just too many angry people……I hope I’m wrong. Will this be the year I go on a long trip by airplane? I love flying but do I want to go through all that searching before hand?….Full body scan, no privacy.. .I care about them searching my bag.  I’m not a bad person. Its just that I’m an American citizen and have been for a long time. I was in the Army National Guard as a Military Policemen. I would feel violated and dirty when someone is looking at me with an X-ray machine…..I don’t mind a Doctor looking with an MRI but someone, a stranger, God only knows who?….Government employees? These days you never know where the crazies are working. What about the Muslim Murdering Major who killed all those solders?  Its kind of sick. Its like a legal peeping Tom. I don’t want someone pawing through my personal belongings. Speaking about paws.  Dogs, another brilliant idea. I can only imagine?  My question is, where has that doggies wet nose been before me? Travel, I don’t think so….but I’ll think about…..will see about that....... Maybe?……..My desire to travel is greater than my desire to stay home. Its sad that we have to think like that and we can't just jump on a plane and go......We are losing our freedom in inches.......... 
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