January 2nd, 2010

"Soup to Nuts"

        I got up this morning to the sound of a snow plow blade dragging on pavement and that beeping when he backs up to turn around. He is getting a head start to what’s supposed to be a big snow storm…Later its going to get very windy...I only say this because it means that I have to slow down. I don’t care about the wind later…This evening I’m supposed to meet with friends and when I can’t do that it’s a bummer. Yesterday I went to the store. It’s a major kind of store here that sells everything from “Soup to nuts“. It was beautiful because there weren’t 20 people in the whole place. I wonder if all rest the people had hangovers?….While I was getting gas I met and was talking to, here we go again, a rather attractive young lady. Not that young, never mind….See what I mean? it never ends….I’m going to call her the “Gas station girl“…My son commented that I can’t go into any stores because I will meet old girl friends from the past…Not that there is anything wrong with that…… We laughed hysterically at that one…Its true though…I can’t help it….It occurred to me that at times I can’t bring a girl into a store for fear of her meeting one of my past friends. Just wait till I get that twinkling smile from the dentist….That’s another thing. I’m sitting on “Pins and needles” just waiting until Monday for my appointment…………Yah right…….Got to go now and move my car so the guy can plow the spot where I park it……..

                                          My Dad use to say, “Soup to nuts” and ’Pins and needles” when describing things…    
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