January 1st, 2010


       Happy New Year………………..2010...Wow, who would have thought… Remember the year 2000 and we thought the world was going to fall apart…What’s going to happen this year? Ten years later. I don’t think it can get much worse. I shouldn’t say that because lots of things from the past that weren’t normal are normal now. Huh……Will this be the year that something worse than the Twin Towers happens?… It seems the terrorists are coming out of their caves more often these days. That’s not a good sign. Bombs in their underwear on airplanes. Now, because of that we will have full body scans. So much for being shy. That terrorism stuff really works. In order to fly now, are they going to scan little boys and girls? Now, that’s scary stuff. Even the innocent are affected. I suppose its better than being blown up in a mall with woman and children.……..Killing CIA agents. I have a feeling that there will be hell to pay for that incident. I wouldn‘t want to captured and questioned by any Special Forces CIA agents in the near future..…They might as well fire the lawyer and throw away the torture rule book. It ain’t gonna help them now…..Thousands upon thousands of troops in Afghanistan…Can you imagine how much that is costing?  Not only in money but in lives…..The greed, lying, cheating, stealing and dishonesty is very popular with our politicians and athletes. Will this be the last year for Rod the ex-governor and Burris of Illinois? Remember those clowns? Rod was arrested for selling government jobs and Burris the “fake senator” saying he didn’t buy the job but took it under a cloud of suspicion…..The crazies and drug addicts are still trying to commit the dumbest crimes. Maybe this will be the year they see the light and say, “Duh, maybe I‘d better not rob and kill that old lady in the wheel chair for her social security check with da web cam watching“….Lately I have been ignoring all that stuff and just enjoying life but sometimes the things that happen are so glaring that you can’t, "not see them"…..To sum all this nonsense up, I mentioned that I will try not to be a statistic. I think I will keep up the daily vigil and take a walk on a snowy beach……..Hang in there guys…Lots of fun stuff is going to happen this year…..