L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"Caffeine is a Drug"

Yesterday I discovered why I have been having these little headaches. I starts with my morning coffee. Lately I have been drinking decaffeinated in morning. The tiredness and headache starts in late morning and persists all day. I was thinking of why this could be happening and what I changed and it occurred to me while riding my bike that the solution could be the coffee I am drinking. So I stopped in the Coffee Shoppe downtown and got a small regular coffee to go. I sat on a park bench and when I left to ride again in 10 minutes the headache was gone and I felt better. I am having the coffee withdrawals.  Caffeine is a drug. It just shows how sensitive the human body is. I am going to keep drinking decaf now until the these slight headaches disappear…..It just proves my point. We are all prey for the money mongers who make money on our addictions. From the compulsion spending on things we don’t need to our minor and real addictions. We are constantly encouraged to buy because we need this an that….Its continuous repetition and temptation to spend….They say coffee is good for you to encourage you to spend. It can’t be that good if you stop drinking it will give you a headache. Just makes sense, doesn’t it? 

Tags: addictions, coffee, headache

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