L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"Lets go on a trip"


                                         Part 2 of three…

We see it everyday. Kill one and two more pop up. Lock one up, three more come to the United States. Just one of the results is, air travel for the average person now is just too much to take with all the X-rays and strip searches. They actually have a man or woman looking at your naked body through an x-ray machine. Do we really know who these people are, that are looking? That are judging you? That alone is insanity. People today are treated like cattle or sheep. To them we are just another bunch of fools getting on a airplane. There are no more, “Lets pack a bag and go tomorrow” trips. I mean, today you really have to want or need to go somewhere. To travel today you have make a reservation and wait for a week, so they can give you a back ground check. Its almost like getting a job. Freedom doesn’t exist anymore. What passes for freedom is humiliating and unfair. Terrorism has ruined many things for everyone and the radicals love it. This time of year, the Military is going into the high schools and in some cases taking kids on field trips to exciting places like air force bases to entice young people to join. That alone should be a warning sign. You have to have a College education to fly for the Air Force. Your sons and daughters are dieing or being psychologically damaged in those God forsaken places so they can run continuous commercials in the morning so the greedy rich can get richer. Washington these days is so dishonest that we don’t know who to believe. Some of these sicko’s have so much money it would take five lifetimes to spend it. Today, its not about having enough money to live on or be comfortable, its about accumulating wealth. More money than the other guy. Elsewhere, the radicals are sitting in their caves laughing at us every time someone trips a false alarm because we are scared and on edge and fearful…Shoe bombers, underwear bombers. This is exactly what they want. When this happens they have won another small battle…Security cameras are everywhere. There is no privacy. No one trusts anyone. We use to say, when making a commitment or promise, “Lets shake on it“. That’s a joke now. People are losing their jobs and homes. The price of gas and heating oil is high because somehow, someway the radicals want it that way. They keep us hoping the price goes down to create distractions and ill feelings. Evil in the form of child molestation has just about destroyed the once very powerful Catholic Church. The older folks will reluctantly still go to church but it can’t last. Soon there won’t be a church as we know it today. I surprised we haven’t heard about the sinful things in other faith denominations. They probably hide it better or I’m not paying attention. Let face it, people will have to turn to someone. Something, some kind of God. It’s a fact that we all need spiritual help. Its in our nature. If there is no Church. What will we do? The Muslims have our attention now and we will have to turn to some kind of God. Why not join the Muslim religion? Why not Allah? I can see it now, your Koran is in the mail. Don’t believe it? I won’t live to see it, maybe you won’t but your Grand children’s children will. How about their kids? 
                               To be continued...

Tags: faith, gas, trust, wealth
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