L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"Good for you Arizona"

Yes, I agree and you are absolutely right but what I see happening is, American citizens are losing their jobs because of Federal rules and regulations on hiring. A lot of the people crossing over into this country are criminals and misfits. People come here bringing diseases and are draining our already maxed out health care system. The taxpayers are overburdened as it is. The only jobs are minimum wage. The environment is circling the drain. I only say, its got to start somewhere. What if a foreigner applied for a job where you work and by a trick of fate a federal rule said they were to have your position or God forbid, you were a victim of a crime committed by a illegal. Again I say its got to start somewhere. People are getting angry…I said it out loud. I’m afraid you will be hearing it more and more. Thank you for responding. Hopefully still your my  friend…………..~Lar

I wrote this letter to a friend who responded to an article I wrote..I wish I had this picture at the time to show them....Better late than never...Read the sign tax payers. It speaks for itself...


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