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                                I received this E-Mail yesterday afternoon…

Dear Larry,

The cause that was posted for a boy who overdosed on Heroin...he was only 22 yrs. old and had a bright future until drugs controlled him. I do know that the addict has to want to stop before they can make any progress, I think these kids just don't understand the impact Opiates and Heroin have on them...a tight grip that won't let go. This boy Brian was my son's best friend. Unfortunately he's lost so many young friends to this addiction and he wants to stop for the most part, it just has such a tight grip on him...I'm afraid every day and night. I pray for all those with addiction problems and that they will be able to overcome it and heal. I pray for your son every night and mine too! I hope all is well with you. How'd the move go? All settled in?

                                                           My response was….

Well, Hi Lisa it’s a pleasure to hear from you. What a nice surprise. Yes, the move when well and I am very happy here at the shore. It feels like I’m home again and I belong here. No regrets or moving remorse. Yes, today with the young people its instant gratification with no thought of the consequences and the issues later in life. They think they are going to live forever. It’s the plague of this century and its at epidemic proportions. It got to the point I was glad he was in jail. I knew he was safe there. My oldest son has stopped using but because he started at an early age, drugs have left him void of love for family and himself. This young man is not the same son I had when he was born. Clean, maybe yes, but not normal. My second oldest son is the same way. Clean from all I tell on the outside but inside, the sickness of anger and hate is imbedded in the pits of their stomachs. They have lost their souls. There is nothing I can do but pray for them. My third son is like my best friend. We are close and happy no matter what the issues are. Lisa, I see you are very busy here on Face book and that’s a good thing. I like seeing you on my page. I’ll pray for your son and maybe he will find the Grace of God to try and stop and seek help… Thank you for asking and being here.



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