L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari


The doctors visit went well yesterday like I predicted. There was no comment on my BP so it must be OK. I do take care of myself in the interest of self-preservation so its more or less what I expected. Its cold and rainy here today but I’m still going to go north to visit my son. Yesterday was uneventful but I did go to Borders book store. Isn’t that something when the highlight of your day was going to the bookstore? My God, I love it when its like that…The result of that visit was to go to the library later on and order 2 new books on CD… However, the best part was when  I met a friend of mine and we had coffee at the Borders coffee shop. We had a nice long talk. She is a very interesting and attractive. No, I'm not being superficial its just an observation.  I detected one of those maybe feelings. I will be seeing her again sometime this week.…Like I always say, "This should be  very interesting"…I love my life, its so uncomplicated...

Tags: bookstore
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