L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

'Don't Hold Your Breath"

 The good news is, I went the other day and got my resident beach pass. That means I can park at any of the town beaches for free. Non-residents have to pay a $80 fee.


     Outrageous prices, cancelled flights, over booking and strip searches. There is so much bad press about the airlines and flying, does anyone still want to go anywhere? They are still cancelling flights in Europe because of the active volcano but you don’t hear much about that.


     Last comment….You and will never see the end of this terrorist war against us. Sadly, the war here and in all those foreign places will last forever. Gone are the days of War Bonds, winning and bringing the boys home…The war has come to us in this country, the enemy roams the streets. Welfare is at its highest level. It makes me wonder who is paying the enemy. We don’t know what will happen next? Just believe me It will and it won't be good.  It seems like the feeling is, if it doesn’t happen to you its OK…. There are places in cities that we dare not go. That has always been like that but its really bad now. The gas prices are nudging $3.20 a gallon and no matter what the government says the economy is really bad….Yet, we all wait for news of things to be getting better…..Well, don’t hold your breath…It won’t ! Not in this life time….................
                             The link is about the Fort Hood terrorist attack..... 


Tags: airlines, beach pass, war
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