L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"A Little Bit About Health"

A while ago I complained about my waist line and how I couldn’t fit into my favorite summer shorts….Yesterday, I tried them on again and guess what, they fit…How did you do it, you ask? No, I didn’t buy anything special. I didn’t join a fitness club. I didn’t spend any money on special diets and I didn’t starve myself…“Well you say, How”? OK, here it is, don’t say anything. Its simple…I eat the same thing as before only not as much. Lately I have blending frozen fruit, peaches, raspberries, blueberries or strawberries with oat meal, apple juice and honey sometimes 2% milk. I still snack but not as much. I eat candy but not as much and of coarse I walk on the beach a lot…My regiment of bike riding hasn’t really started yet so I have high expectations when It does…. See, all that and I didn’t give anybody any money for anything. Anyways, today I’ll do the same thing all over again and hope for the best…..Guys, don’t get sucked in to any weight loss programs. Try to do it yourself first……One more thing…Stop smoking, when you get older it will take its toll. Breathing, complexion, wrinkles, lung disease and many other things. If you don’t die from cancer you will, without a doubt, die much before your time. My friend pulled around that little green tank for 5 years and died at 66.

 I just had to share this picture….

Tags: diet, smoking, willie
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