L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"Between the Lines"

There was event that ruined the whole evening but I’ll get to that later. When I went to visit my son he was doing well, just tired from working all day and he had to go do a windshield at a local truckers garage at around 8:30 last night…He has long hours but in the auto glass installation business, now is the busy time… You need to get while the getting’s good. I didn’t say anything and when he left I went to visit mom and dads grave. I haven’t done that in a while. Before that I went to dinner with friends and had a great time. We always get along very well. I am so glad I visit once a week…I hope I’m able to do this for a long time to come.. It was then that I learned of my long time friend’s passing. He died after a long battle with emphysema. I knew he was sick and went to visit him at home a few times. With moving and other things, I haven’t seen him for a year….It bothers me that no one told me or called me to tell me he died. I have three sons….Two are the worst people in the world…The son I visit and sort of hang around with is the best…My oldest is by far the most disrespectful and his girl friend is a close second…She’s also one of my many conquests and went slinking over to him when I was done with her…. It was their responsibly to tell me of my friend’s passing. There is a long story between these lines but that’s not important. What’s most important is the fact that even with the death of a friend these two sick people with their hate and resentment continued to stagnate and sink into the mire and muck of their existence …This is just another thing I have to put on the list of things that I have forgive them for…..Enough said for now…This evening I will call my friends wife and give her my condolences. Indeed with the passing of my friend the world is even a sadder place.


Tags: condolences.
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