L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"Constant Barrage"

     Today I’m going up north for my weekly visit to my sons house. The weather today, here is gorgeous. No storms are on the horizon. There is a strange lull in the news today….There is so much happening yet the TV news people are not saying that much….Its mostly the usual and the constant barrage of ads and commercials.  Its all stuff I won’t or even consider buying just because I want them to fail and go out of business... Its like they don’t report the news because it isn’t outrageous enough or they won’t have time to fit all the commercials in. Maybe its me and my mind is just blanking out the insanity. I don’t know….Anyways, today I’ll resume my normal easy going pattern of life here by the ocean and just stand on the sidelines with my camera…..I was thinking about my friends list here on Live Journal. There are a lot people that don’t write anymore. It seems they have just stopped and disappeared into the woodwork….I hope and pray that they are all OK. We all had a such a good blend of life together around the world. I wonder where they are now and hope everyone is healthy and happy.

      OK guys, be careful out there today and don’t forget, no matter what you do or where you go, you will be on a surveillance camera or a security cam. Keep your hands in you pockets and your eyes on the road because big brother is really watching.....

Tags: security, surveillance
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