L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"Mystic Pizza"

     I feel better today…Its Sunday, no construction noise and its raining. That means less allergy issues…All good things...Last night we went out to dinner and that was good too. My girlfriend was tired so she went home early. That was kind of a disappointment. She was going to spent the night but had to leave because of the absence of a reliable dog sitter. It looks like she going to have set her priorities. Get some rest and make sure there is a dog sitter. Last night after dinner we went to Mystic Village…Remember the movie “Mystic Pizza” with Julia Roberts? That one. In the movie there was a scene with this bridge in the background…Later, just before dark we went to a place called Enders Island. Its located at the tip of Masons Island…You could Google earth that to check it out….The deer wander around like in a petting zoo only I wouldn’t advise petting or feeding them….The evening was chilly and short but pleasant….I was disappointed that she couldn’t stay. There is a kind of story about our past relationship and how we met again…Maybe if we click like in the past it will have a better ending than before……

Tags: deer, enders island, mystic
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