L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"Poor Me's"

Sorry, I'm really pissed today....….. In a bad mood today. I just feel like a grouch. There is construction near my house. You would think they wouldn’t work on Saturday. On construction equipment they put these back-up warning beeping horns that work automatically when you put the vehicle in reverse. On this work site they start a 7 AM and from that point on it’s almost a constant moving forward and backing of these vehicles. That beeping sound at 7 AM is the most dispicable, annoying sound in the world. It wouldn’t be bad but it never ends and just when you think they are done it starts all over again….I mentioned the other day that the construction and repairing everything and everywhere just never ends. I can see fixing things that are broken but building things just because you can get the Federal money so people can work is just one the dumbest things you can do. There are just too many people to keep going like we are now. The bottom line here is greed and remember in this country there are no rules when it comes to greed. Consideration and the feelings of others today are non-existent. So here I sit this morning, grouchy and angry, writing about the ”Poor me’s”, allowing those inconsiderate bastards to control the way I feel. 99% of the time I am a happy guy. Yes, and as you know, its true I don’t like what’s happening to our country. Remember, I said that what’s going on here cannot last. The country cannot continue at this rate. It will end and when it does there will be no amount of money that will fix it. No pay-offs, no loans, no government buy outs, no bail outs, nothing will help. Money cannot fix everything. Its started already….The Arizona governor has introduced legislation to stop illegal’s from coming into her state….Still more States are talking sovereignty. Militia’s are popping up all over, some you know about, some you don’t. I don’t like the way the large countries of the world are talking Nuclear Bomb this and that. What I hear is bragging and veiled threats. …..I have vaguely heard this talk in the past but not as much as now. Now its front page news….Yes, something is going on and it started on 9/11. We have been going downhill since that day. As most people and lawyers do they take the Constitution and manipulate and change the words. Real American citizens are tired of footing the bill for all the insanity. Ok I’m done now and I feel better but that doesn’t change the sick society we live in.......... 
Tags: constitution
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