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“Skin of my teeth”

 The phone man was here and he gave me a new modem and new wires. Success at last. How long will the connection last is the question? I did make it to breakfast by the “Skin of my teeth”, (Dad quote,) and rest of the day went well. Everyday I have been going to the beach and looking for beach glass. I haven’t been too lucky finding, just lucky that I can do this hobby every day. It isn’t the finding of those little treasures it’s the hunt. I have some nice pieces but not that many…Its not every one that can say that they do this every day just for hell of it. I think I mentioned that I really don’t care. Strolling on the beach is so relaxing and restful. My latest interest is in finding treasures in the thrift shop in a certain shoreline town…When I say treasures that’s exactly what I mean…People donate these things without realizing that mom or dad collected these things for monitory value not for sentimental reasons. Rare glass, vases and small things can be very interesting at times…. Finding a auction house that sells expensive items will be next on the list….Today I will counting my blessings and that will take some time so hang in there guys, it will get better and you can take that to the bank……


Tags: bank, beach, treasures
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