L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"Nearly Quoted"

    Well, you wouldn’t believe what happened yesterday. I met a guy who worked at Disney World in California….Every morning he would put on his costume and go out and be Peter Pan…His girl friend, now his wife would be dress up and be Ariel…I would have loved to have a job like that. I learned a little later that there was a newspaper woman who is an overseas reporter and has an assignment in Afghanistan….We talked and I gave her my card so just maybe, I said, just maybe she will EM me from wherever she goes… It would be nice to have a contact there also I would also like to help her if possible with that issue she told me about. You never know what wonderful surprises that a Monday morning breakfast will bring.


I haven’t mentioned that for past 3 or 4 months I have been having trouble with my DSL brought to me by the local phone company. I finally decided to call them again. 4th time by the way…This time I suggested to them very nicely in my most persuasive way they send a phone guy over to fix it. Guess what? They are sending a phone guy over to my house to do just that…Not only that but I got "Esther" to sent me a $38 dollar refund on my phone bill. I can’t wait till its fixed. I love the name Esther....


Comment…In the past I have mentioned that we have too much and that our lives and society are consumed by greed and instant gratification. Last Sunday CBS’s Bob Schieffer “Nearly quoted” me word for word on his Sunday morning show. He said the same thing. Then to really rattle my cage Sunday evening I was watching CBS’s Andy Rooney and he quoted me almost the same way when said, “Why do we have so much stuff“? The people in the United States are always going to go to the store for things. Its like we have to have more material things, more money, more stuff. Stuff we will never use or money we will never spend as long as its more that anybody else….About a month ago I thought about that and discovered that its true. So I tried to stop going to the store unless I really needed something not because I just felt like going. What I like doing is going to the store to walk around and not buy anything…..Last Sunday I went to a large chain super market. I bought greens and some mushrooms from the salad bar….Total price .50 cents. I went to that auto cash register and asked the girl help me because you have to weigh it….I got $ 19.50 cents change and left.

So Mr. Schieffer and Mr. Rooney if you need any help let me know. I love both you guys and it appears that we think along the same lines…..I'm almost afraid they will offer me a job.... 


Tags: andy rooney, bob schieffer, esther
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