L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"Me, Part Two"

      We all know that this week is “Its all about me Week” or 2 weeks, whatever. Its like a commercial. I mean everybody sells themselves. That’s my excuse…Books, movies stuff like that, not that there is anything wrong with that. That’s why there is a mute on the TV..….So I thought I would share this with you. Its what someone said to me a few weeks ago… First, let me set this up…We were all sitting around the living room in a beautiful country home talking…Yes, people still do the living room thing.. The conversation was about world events, the state of the nation, democrats vs. republicans, Obama and his staff, the economy and how much money all this was going to cost your kids and their kids and the kids of their kids…..But I digress.. This is about me …..I was making a point and there was a slight break in the conversation when one of the girls said to me, one of the attractive girls I might add. “Your a writer aren’t you?” “Huh…Me“…Pointing my finger at myself…“Why would you say that“? I asked……Ok, now, I did not make this up….She replied, “You have got a great imagination and it’s the way you talk and the words you use…I just know that you are a writer…I was aghast. This well educated very attractive, young but not that young, woman recognized me as a writer, my cover was blown. Just kidding but it proves that if you do something consistently good every day, your whole persona changes for the good….I said, “No, not really….The only thing I write is a blog in the morning“…. I went to explain about how and when I started and why it’s a good venting tool…Sort of like a daily inventory. Plus, if you find the right blog site you get to meet some very interesting, much more talented than me, diverse people. Things like that…She said, “ I told you, I knew it“…It was then I eloquently changed the subject and thought, the 700 plus entries must be paying off…My English teachers were right….Practice makes perfect. And of coarse a sense of humor helps....
Tags: teachers, writers
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