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"Maybe Its Time"

        Going up to visit my son and friends today….The day is crystal clear and the air is clean….Well, its as clean as it can be with 132 million people and cars jammed into one spot. OK, OK I’ll shut up…Anyway first I’ve got to bring some CD’s back to the library and then later get some gas for the trip. Speaking of libraries I met a very nice library lady whose daughter works for a publisher…..OMG, duh, later I put publisher and my story together and I started thinking of asking her to give my short story, of which there are two, I sent the shorter one to a magazine publisher. Well, I’d like to give the other one to her daughter to pass on to the right people. First, I’ve got to find out what her daughter does there. If everything happens for a reason this could be a good thing. Somebody told me years ago, ‘You will know when its time” I always think about that, lately I’ve been thinking about that a lot. It took me a few years to figure out what it meant but when I did……Well, maybe its time…



Tags: library, publisher, time
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