L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"Where Am I "

      Monday, boy does time fly…. I wrote yesterday about not caring…..Well, that’s not exactly true….I am becoming more and more desensitized to the misery and nastiness all around me. That’s a more accurate way of putting it. We all get that way or you will soon and become immune to the hurt that accompanies the suffering of other people. I find myself looking the other way so to speak…..I help the people in my circle but I look from the inside of my ring of friends to the outside and wonder how people can be so cruel or non-caring to their fellow humans. From the bullying in the schools to the murders in the cities. The endless wars around the world and the death of our soldiers…. The bombs in the markets and on the roadside. The shootings in our schools and offices. Its not just here its all over, the hate is world wide. Here, with the influx of all the foreigners we really don’t know who are enemies are. As I walk down the street and overhear people talking I don’t understand what anyone is saying…Its like I am in a different country. Hey, somebody’s got to say it. Its true. I wonder if all these people will fill out the census and where do all these people work? There are only so many Burger KIngs.  Do they pay taxes? Yeah right. We will never know how many people there are in this country. That’s not the point. The cities and towns can’t handle all the people…We are overcrowded and we are running out of room. I could go on and on……A murder is committed in a rural neighborhood and the next door neighbor is interviewed by a local TV crew. They ask her what happened and she replies that she, "Moved to the country to get away from the crime and send her kids to a better school." She can’t believe this happened on her street”. How many times have you heard that? Crime is moving out of the cities and to the country…..Home invasions and death are everywhere…..There is no place left to hide……..


Tags: bullying, crime, taxes
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