L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"Long Hair or Not"

       Yankees beat the Sox last and this is where the comments stop…..I thought they were gong to have a semi good team this year. It seems the fight is missing…Today will be another warm day here and this morning its breakfast with friends…..Last night was good and I got visit some of my friends in the library……Christopher is getting older ….I can tell.. I said, “Chris you need a hair cut”, he replied, “No I don’t”. I said, “The girls won’t like you if your hair gets any longer”, he looked and me smiled the little smile that only Chris can do and replied, “Yes, they said they like it long and they like me with long hair”.….He will be going into 7th grade next year. I suggested to his Dad that he holds him down and I give him a really nice, really short hair cut….Just kidding……I just want to keep him young and innocent…..Oh well, I know he is going to be good kid, he has a soul and a very kind heart.

       Comment…………The pro-golfer. I can’t think of his name right now, will try to play again after he got caught lying and cheating on his wife….His sponsors are going all out trusting him again…..I don’t know about that? Everyone deserves a second chance but in the greedy world we live in, where instant gratification is the primary motive for living and remember, this guy doesn’t know any better. His expectations are much different thar ours. The question is will he make it? I think he tainted the game and now its tarnished with the dullness of having to put up with a major distraction…..Lets face it, golf is a little boring. Now people watch to see the cheater, not the game….Do they allow him too count his strokes or will someone else do it? He cheated before will he cheat again?

Tags: cheater, pro-golfer
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