L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"Drop that Sea Glass"

    This morning its breakfast with friends, thank God. Then its off to do some beachcombing…Don’t cha just love that...I do…My tan is starting to show, believe it or not and its so nice to be wearing shorts again…Because of the crowds on the weekends I discovered that I might have to go to some private beaches if I want to find some Sea glass. I can do that with my bike because then I fit right into the neighborhoods that have these secluded beaches. If I drove into those places with the Mustang it would be too noticeable. However, I do see a lot of my kind of car here. …. I have never seen anybody get told to leave a beach….Somehow I can’t imagine that…..It would look like this….A cop showing up in his cruiser with the lights flashing, getting out of the car and yelling “Hey you“, I turn and look and he says. “Ya you, he yells, the guy with the shorts on.” I look at him and point at myself. I’m the only person there. “Yes you“. he says, “Drop that sea glass your trespassing on private sand“ I can just imagine? Can you imagine the kind of person that would complain about that?….Can you imagine having nothing else to do but complain about that? Give me a minute and a half and I could talk my way of that situation with my social skills….I don’t think that will happen but in this society you never know……. Speaking of society…..I was half listening to the TV as I was typing this morning and someone was saying something about people dieing, gunfire, explosions and lots of smoke and fire….Half listening and just about ready to mute the TV I glanced up………They were talking about Chicago……………
Tags: glass, sea
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