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"Cat Nurse"

            My Alpha male cat Willie is acting out again with his bad attitude. This grouchy feline decided to scratch my wonderful neighbor Paula on her ankle. I gave her a band-aid and some Neosporin for the tiny scratch and from that point on Willie is grounded and treat-less. Needless to say he is upset and male cat angry. I realize that he doesn’t know what he did but I have to do something and I don’t think rewarding him with a treat will help his negative behavior…Yesterday afternoon I stopped in the cat Vet. Willie is a patient there. They specialize in cats. There are cats lying every where and now I know why. I explained his problem to the very nice cat nurse and she said to try Pet-Ease Plus. Its a plug in the wall odor maker that is supposed to calm down the anxiety in kittens and cats in stressful situations or just plain everyday living. I do not want to give Willie pills so I hope this works a little…I am going to need a cat sitter this summer and I don’t want her hurt while she is feeding him…I know he is going to be upset when I go on vacation. Remember, when I took him on last vacation fiasco. Well, I plugged this in and it does give this pleasant odor. I really hope it helps him relax. Willie in the mean time will remain grounded for a while. A treat tonight maybe if his behavior improves. The cat nurse said I was his everything. Mom, dad, sister, brother and playmate and when I won’t do things or I am gone and not rewarding him, he gets upset. Its possible he thought the neighbor was in his territory and thought she was trespassing. Cats are very complicated creatures and when 2 Alpha males live in the same house. Well, that’s when we clash and the disagreements begin.

In other news my beautiful friend is coming down today to see me and we are going for a walk on the beach then out for pizza to our favorite place. Our favorite place, you think….That folks, is a really long story for another day.


Tags: grouch, willie
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