L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"Molly, Internet Phenomena"

       Wow, I feel good today. I slept like a log last night. Maybe its because last night I left the windows open in the bedroom about 2 inches. The fresh air combined with the sound of the rain was beautiful. Molly the owl and if you don’t know who Molly the owl is, click the link at the bottom. She has brought out the very best of people. Last night I watched this internet phenomena along with about 16000 people from all over the world and was amazed at the devotion of this beautiful creature to her 5 eggs. Right, she sits on her eggs and waits for them to hatch…One has hatched and has been named “Max“. I don’t know where the gender came from but it’s the cutest little baby owl. I am guessing Max could be for Maxine or Maxwell ….Well, click the link and go see for yourself. Every once and a while “McGee” the proud father shows up with food and puts it into the box nest where the camera is. There is a chat stream connected to the usual sites if you should choose to do that sort of thing,,…What is a pleasure it is to see how nice everybody is there and free from the craziness of the world. It’s a no pressure thing and you can feel the love. I guess there are still people the world that are kind and loving and it was so good to see that……
Tags: max, mcgee, molly, phenomena
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