L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"Experience is the Best Teacher"

       Last night was fun…We started with a long walk on the beach and then to dinner at my favorite restaurant in Westbrook…The weather was a little cool but beautiful. We talked and reminisced about days past and old friends without opening old wounds and laughed a lot while doing that. I really don‘t think its necessary to dig to deep into the past and reopen those old wounds. My God, that sounds serious doesn‘t it? …See what I mean, for me all blame and resentment has been set aside and put into the, “Keep it green” memories. I mean those things can never really disappear but can be used as places where you don’t go anymore. Its an area where you learn all about acceptance, being kind and humility. Kinda has something to with that, “Experience is the best teacher” thing. This dinner for me was an amends sort of. Its kind of like paving the way for a better relationship in the future. Apologies were said without saying it. Old familiarities surfaced but were kept in check, opting for that newness that comes with meeting a different person. We both realize that going back into old habits can result in disaster. Aside from getting older, we have not changed physically that much but we are different people. What we are doing should be treated as something new. I had a great time last night without any pressure or anxiety and I am looking forward to next time…After dinner we took the long way home slowly driving along the beach fronts of Old Saybrook and Old Lyme ending with a long walk around the village of my new home town, Niantic Connecticut………Its true, Whether you stay in one place or drive around there is always something to do at the shore.
Tags: beach, green, memories
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