L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

Beautiful day

    It looks like a beautiful day today. Yesterday I tried to take a picture of lightning..I sat in the car in pouring rain and I mean heavy pouring rain, waiting to snap a shot. I didn't work but someday..Oh well. Tonight I have got be the chairman of a meeting while the chairperson is on vacation...I can't believe Obama said "pigs wear lipstick"....Where are his handlers? He's just like the rest of those clowns. Disrespectful moran...I wonder if he thought that was funny? Did he snicker later? I can see it now..If I tell him what to say will he say it? Does the word puppet come to mind? Exactly who is pulling his strings? I can see and imagine the Bushman saying that. Ok that's it, no more on the want- to-be future leader of the free world? Summer is very slowly circleing the drain and I had a good one as far summers go. It was just to short. I will go to beach a few more times but it won't be the same...I've got to take a shower....The pic is yesterday in the rain and clouds...
Tags: disrespectful, lipstick, obama, pigs, puppet
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