L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"First Day of Spring"

       It’s the first day of spring… Officially it starts a 1:32 PM here I Connecticut….I must say though it hasn’t been that bad this year except for the cold…Whenever I think cold I always think about being out on the airport runway fixing some lights that a plane hit and the coffee freezing in my cup…Now that’s cold…Today at last I get to go to my favorite restaurant with a date sort of…A friend of mine it coming down for a visit and we are going to that seafood place in Westbrook I bragged about 97 posts ago…I don’t like eating alone so this is a good chance to do that…..This morning Its kick back and clean the car…Its not dirty but its just not quite right….Kind of spring cleaning…sort of...I don’t feel like doing much of anything so this morning I’m going to take a break. Its really a nice day here…

Tags: car, seafood, spring
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