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"The Land that Time Forgot"

 Things are back to normal at last. I got up at the normal time….The rain is gone, the skies are blue and I’m in a better mood. Lately, I have been thinking a lot about, "Caring about things". It could be that built in defense mechanism towards depression….or not. Its just that and I’ve known for a long time that I can separate the good from the bad of what I care about. The idea is to do it not think about. I know for some of us it’s a little harder but if you practice enough you can do it. The war for example…Believe me, I care to the point of tears but I only care enough to hope and pray the kids over there in the land that time forgot don’t get hurt… I care very much but not enough to let it bother me so I get sick over it. Using that as an example and looking at what’s happening in other countries? I know, actually I have known for years, how fortunate and blessed we are to live in this country….. I will put up with the alcoholism, drug addiction, lies, anger, greed, over population, traffic, thieves in Washington and all the other distractions of life. There is nothing I can do about any of that except feel the compassion and sorrow for the people that will, sooner or later realize that there are negative consequences to all those things…. I will sit back and watch these things and know I have no control over what people think, say and do….I love them all but I don’t have to like them………


            “When she whispered in my ear, her voice was as soft as the fallen snow“

Tags: defense, normal
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