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"Happy Cat"

      Now that my stuffy nose is under control I am sleeping better and of coarse getting up later. Its 8:34AM. Like predicted its pouring rain and it will be a stay-in afternoon . Tonight I’m going out with friends…Nothing else is happening….Last night I went to the book store and actually read parts of the book, Gov. Sanford’s wife wrote….According to her she tolerated a lot from this guy. It seems he isn’t the brightest bulb on the tree but when you are disloyal and have no integrity, oops there go the morals….Its like the golfer. Just when you think you are in control and you finally made it…oops there are the pitfalls….These two clowns obviously forgot to say thank you, to you know who. Speaking of thank you….The good news is, the cat person from Arizona is leaving her cat in the house now….I think she read my essay on what can happen when kitty’s are left outside…I actually feel relieved and happy for the cat…Thank you so much, you won’t regret it and after a while, kitty will love it…..
Tags: cats, kittys
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