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          I answered a letter from a woman in Arizona who was upset because she had to go to animal control to pick up her cat who was caught in a pest trap. I found her letter in a community called, “Boring people”. Not that there is anything boring about it. Its more funny than boring. Except for her letter. She thinks that maybe house cats are able to protect themselves and can blend in with the wild life and man made hazards.

    Cats only think they are rough and tough but cats are domestic, they are not wild and don’t have the tools to protect themselves in the wild. They are not meant to be outside. Domestic cats are meant to be protected not left to fend for themselves outdoors…

As you can see I'm dead against letting cats go out side. My Tabby is 6 years old, goes to Vet once a year whether he needs to go or not. The Vet said he doesn't even have to have all the shots because he doesn't go out. He said, “Some of the shots they give to out door cats can hurt them or get them sick“. He’s healthy and plays and runs around the house like a 1 year old kitten. He eats only Fancy Feast soft, a different one each day, Fancy Feast hard food and kitty treats but nothing from out doors. Rats, mice, ground moles, snakes or anything that is prey will never be in his diet. He will never eat pest poison, drink anti-freeze or polluted water. He doesn't know what a flea, tick or an ear mite is. He’s fit, slim and trim, not fat and over weight. Willie will never fall victim to a snap trap or an asshole hunter using him as target practice or some scumbag kid with a BB gun. Did you ever see a cat with one eye missing? The only raccoon, skunk or porcupine he will ever see, will be on the Animal Channel...He will never have to cross a street with speeding cars. I hope I made you think because that's why I wrote this…..Did you ever hear a cat cry in pain?....I really hope you never have to..............I want to apologize for the messy page...I used my lap top and my regular computer....The thing is if I wanted to make this way on purpose it would never work...Sorry...  
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