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"A Strange Phenomenon"

    I had a good trip yesterday and last night….uneventful and peaceful. Timing is everything when it comes to traffic. My son is doing good in his business and seems happy. I am doing a good job when it comes to minding my own business.


    Lately I’ve noticed that some of my blogger friends aren’t posting like they did in the past. I wonder if they are all right? …It’s a strange phenomenon that happens when you blog.. You become connected to someone that you can only imagine about. They write about their lives and that is the only way you know them.. I have discovered that everyone is basically the same, except for ages and locations. People do the same things only at different times in their lives. I have even been unfriended by two people. I don’t care but was it something I said or something I didn’t say? You don‘t know the real me. How can you pass judgment if you haven‘t met me? I always say just ask or confront me, its OK I won‘t bite you. Its how we learn.  Whatever it was, I’ll bet it was only your imagination…. Believe this or not, I care! If you are not going write say that. I have met some great people here and miss you when you don’t show up each day.. Even its only too say your alright, post a picture or say hi.

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