L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari


    I just got up…I didn’t look it up but I think this is a new record…8:45 AM. What happened was I found this new Sinus pill that actually works and I can breath again. I wasn’t being woken with that stuffy nose every hour or so… Its an over the counter drug that says its for the sinus area. I couldn’t believe it worked. Once and a while I go on a mission to find a cure for minor aliments, not that this is minor, and it really works. So yesterday I got rid of all pills that I collected in the last 2 years and flushed them…I don’t want to tell you what that cost…The pills I got rid of either half worked, put me to sleep, kept me awake or just had no effect at all except to get me sick….Some of these were prescribed by the doctor and were very expensive… TYG is all I can say….

    Today I am going inland to visit my son and some friends and will return later this evening… I’ve got to get going so hang in there guys…..


Tags: sinus, tyg
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