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"Waist Line"

 Yesterday I tried on some of my summer shorts…OMG I should have known. The snacking and lack of hard exercise have taken their toll. 2 and 3 mile walks are just not enough. I knew this was going to happen. Every year its the same thing. This year has been the worse. I am not going to say what my waist line measures but I don’t like it. Its going to be a while before I lose that inch or two….To read this, it sounds worse that it is. I don’t look that bad. It will take about 2 weeks of being more active and cutting back on snacking before I’m back to my normal 34. Its carrying around that extra inch that bothers me. We have 3 tread mills in the exercise room in my building but duh…Dopey, didn’t think about that. I would rather be on the board walk or at the beach….The thing is you don’t sweat in the winter…Especially here. The wind is constant and its not pleasant unless its spring or summer….Anyway now is the time to get started. The work officially begins today…

Its 11 days till spring and we set the clocks ahead this weekend…And so it begins…

        I was so bored yesterday I named the voice on my GPS, “Martha”.

The most annoying in the world at this moment are the screaming girls in the background of these morning shows. They must be prompted to do that……..Hey, I could be wrong…..

Tags: beach, inch, spring, tread mill
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