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I got up late and its snowing. Its like a storm only the snow is not sticking to the ground. Will it ever end? Its all so boring. The car still has to go to the garage there is no excuse and I have to get going. Yesterday I went to my new doctor to register and sign some papers so they could get my records from the other doctor. There is nothing wrong it was just one of those days….I didn’t like un-doctoring my doctor but it had to be done. It was just too far to go…My new doctor is a female doctor. Not that there is anything wrong with that. It should be very interesting. You know what I mean…Guy stuff, girl stuff. I had a girl doctor once. She was very compassionate and nice. I’m looking forward to meeting her. People say that they don’t like change…I think its like an adventure. To delve into unknown and seek out the mystery of what you might be missing if only just to see what happens. Its like tasting new food or trying a new sport. People live their lives today worrying about what other people will think or say. I suppose its always been that way but now its worse. We are all “Creatures of habit” and enjoy our comfort zones but sometimes we need to look into what is going on in the other room….It could be fun…
Tags: car, un-doctoring
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