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"The 658th Consecutive Post"

Sunday, Believe it or not, I just got up. Its 8:47 AM. I don’t know if I like that or not….All of Willie’s nudges, sitting on my chest and breathing in my face had no effect. He finally gave up and went to sit in the window. I would not get up. Yesterday was a good day…Aside from the aftermath of the flying mouse and a dud computer…I really don’t care. Perfection isn’t everything….I have no topic today…..I mean I do but I don’t have time….So if only to keep my record of 658 consecutive posts I write this today…. LJ just sent me a reminder that they will be billing me in a few days. Oh well, things are good and now I have to get out of here…One thing for sure I’m not tired…..
Tags: sunday, window
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