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"The Short Life of a Sluggish Mouse"

        Its still gray and cloudy out there this morning. I mean its really a dark gray. How gray you ask? So gray that….Are you messing with me? What do I look like, a weather man?…..At this point I really don’t care about the weather….Early last night I broke my computer, well I didn‘t break it, I rendered it useless. ….Yes, the new one…The one with Windows 7...Believe me Windows 7 isn’t all that’s its cracked up to be. I was in the process of fixing or trying to find what is wrong with a sluggish mouse. What are you laughing at? Didn’t you ever have a sluggish mouse. Anyways, I clicked on a tab in a computer maintenance area. I think its called the, “Configure area“. Its the one they say not to touch if you don’t know what you are doing. This shuts down certain parts of computer so the technician can open certain areas. OK, now this is starting to get boring which is just one of the reasons I joined LJ’s “Boring people” community last night. I fit right in….One of my friends suggested for me to check it out. Not just me, everyone I hope….I realized I should be there when I thought of the pictures of blue and green ice…. I fit right in…..Its funny and there are some cool people there….Back to the computer…I couldn’t find where I disturbed the settings so before I really got angry ….Well, its in the corner now sitting like the dud that it is…Maybe Ill fix it some day….. Or have it fixed…I’ll have to think about that. The mouse….Well, that’s another story. I’m afraid, its met its maker…. It had a unexpected flight across the room when it accidentally ran into a wall. The flight didn’t kill it…..It was that sudden stop…..When a mouse is cordless it has a tendency to leap up and fly….It really needs a wire on to stay grounded to the desk…..I set up my old computer and it works just as good, maybe better than the new one…. Yes ,the pictures of the blue and green ice are in the dud so you won’t be seeing them for while…..Now I have to go out and find some more ice and take some pictures……Just kidding….Well, maybe some Seagulls….They love having their picture taken…..
Tags: boring, ice, mouse, people, sluggish, stop, sudden, windows 7

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