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"Cooped Up"

     It’s the third straight day of rain. Not just occasional rain but continuous rain. Exactly how long did Noah have to build that Ark?
      Believe me I have a great respect for the workers at all the Sea Worlds. I’ve been to the Mystic Aquarium here in Connecticut many times. I love all the wild and sea creatures. Think about this. When someone named the Killer whale, “Killer whale” there was a reason…I’m sure that this whale didn’t realize what it did. Wild animals and some so-called domestic animals get confused and do not know the difference. At times they get angry or upset when something isn’t quite right. That really angry, so-called domesticated chimpanzee for example….Even my handsome Alpha male cat gets upset. Why? Because that’s what they do…..When a tragedy like this happens, humans tend to blame the animals. My advice is let the whale go back to the ocean where it belongs or stay out of the water….Just because you feed the creatures doesn’t mean you are doing them a big favor and they have to agree with you. We all know what its like to be “Cooped up” in the house in the winter. Think about them, a creature that belongs in the wild, being in a cage or a pool for the rest of their lives. I think that says it all………..This morning its breakfast and camaraderie with friends…I can’t wait……


                                          My Dad used to say, “Cooped up”.

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