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                                        Just A few thoughts today……..

         Today I’m going up north to a party at a my cousins house. My dads brothers kids. I received a great invitation in the mail. It’s called a get-together. I can’t wait to see all people from the other side of the family tree.

    Is it just me or are all the Olympic woman younger and better looking than in years past?

    Is it my imagination or is the United States NOT the best at everything? I am seeing those kids lift a lot of those bronze metals in air…That’s third. "Not that there is anything wrong with that"…


        I often wonder what the Olympians do for a living when they are done competing? Will the they work for those companies with those funny looking logos? Somehow I don’t think it will be in fast food unless it’s a life like picture in the door way…..Can you call that work?


      I liked my ex-girl friend a lot. It was just those character defects I couldn’t deal with and I’m done fixing my girlfriends. If you don’t know what its all about by now its not my problem.


       My mother use to say, “Make sure you have clean sox and underwear on…If something happens to you and you have to go to the hospital you don’t want them to think your dirty“…. Or words to that effect…I was usually blanking her out by the time she got to the word underwear….

       I went out with friends last night and someone mentioned they quit smoking…..I didn’t know people still did that….I was wondering what that pukey smell was in doorways. It seems they were having a hard time breathing and climbing stairs at the same time. ….Then they said it cost about 8 dollars a pack. OMG, I didn’t know that?….Don’t they come in cartons of 10...?

      Talking about smoking I remember my dad saying, “It’s a dirty habit“….Although I think the word he used was filthy. He then went on to explain about the chemicals they spray on the leaves to kill the tobacco worms….He used to explain how they did stuff. I’m so grateful for that…

     " We live in country where blatant greed is encouraged. Then people wonder why the world is the way it is".…...L.J. Ferrari

Tags: cousins, dad, girlfriend, greed, mom, olympics, smoking
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