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"You Can't Buy Humble"

              Saturday…Nothing much going on today…The cold weather persists and now its a pending storm on the horizon for next Tuesday. Will it ever end? The golfer said he’s sorry. I think his behavior is a reflection on his upbringing and parents. No one is perfect and I don’t mean to throw rocks…I have not been the picture of sincerity and honesty in the past….His behavior on the other hand was the result of greed and the, I can do anything I want attitude, because I am the best at what I do. To put it bluntly, What he did was dishonest and are there other things to make amends for? His wife has him by proverbial balls now. These dalliance’s will cost him dearly and I don’t mean monetarily. If she stays with him, she will watch him like a hawk or in this case a seagull watches her prey. He will have to account for every moment when he’s not on camera and when she’s not with him….This public apology was the right thing to do. His counselors and lawyers have started the healing process and the damage control….To be honest, I never really cared for this ego inflated guy that plays the game of “Cow pasture pool“. Its just another example of what goes up must come down and egos running wild. Especially in his case. I mean if you put too much air in a balloon what happens? I am the kind of guy that roots for the under dog. This golfer has a long list of amends to do…..He needs to do a lot of digging to find the humility he lost a very long time ago. You can have more money than God but you can’t buy “Humble”.



Tags: apology, cow pasture pool
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