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"World Trade Center"

 On my way up North yesterday to visit my Son I was listening to NPR (National Public Radio). They were interviewing the police officer that was in one the helicopters above the world trade center answering the call after the planes hit the buildings on 9/11. They were waiting for someone to make it to roof so they could rescue them...... No one did……….The pictures were part of the investigation. ABC news went to court to have the pictures released. The freedom of information act was used and these are the result…The officer, (Det. Greg Semendinger) was part of the NYC Aviation crew and flies everyday. He said he has his camera with him everyday as part of his equipment. I can’t say these are great pictures because of the horror of what is happening. Its one of those times that everyone has said at least once. “ I wish I had a camera with me when that happened”. When this officer took these pictures his name went down in history…. 

Tags: 9/11, abc news, aviation, det. greg semendender, freedom of information, npr
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