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"The Unknown of Today"

       This morning the sun is finally here….Let the melting begin. Last night at about 10 Eastern I thought the wind and snow was never going to stop. There was a blizzard outside my window. This morning I discovered we didn’t get that much. Just enough to cover the Mustang and be annoying. The good part is I notice that the warming trend has started around the country…..If all goes well the snow we have here will be gone by the end of the week. Just in time for that last winter blast…Today I think I’ll go north to see my son and some friends…First, I’ve got check the roads and the weather for tonight. Its going to be a last minute decision. I don’t like the looks of that late night flurry prediction…Sorry about all this weather stuff. I know there are a lot of people who got it worst than me…I’m not really complaining but its more of a wish I wasn’t in this part of the country thing…Then I think, its snowing all over the country, what difference does it make? No, I haven’t been to the Ford garage yet…That’s still on the back burner….Don’t worry, I’ll get to that sooner or later…..Why do I procrastinate? I like to think I’m being cautious. Sometimes I think its because I think I’m in charge of what happens. That’s never going to happen. Being in charge, that is. Yesterday. I was in a bad mood. Today I feel a lot better….Kind of on the edge but definitely better. The best part is I didn’t take a pill for it…… And on and on we go…stepping into the unknown of today…….
Tags: procrastinate, snow, unknown of today
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