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'Righteous Indignation"

     What’s going on today you ask? Nothing much, I’m just digging out after another storm. The only good thing is that I know I’m not alone. There are people that not only have to dig themselves out but drive and go to work and all that other stuff. I’ve been in a bad mood lately. Not the depressing kind, its just that plain old fashion bad mood. Its the kind that sneaks up on you. At first you don’t realize its happening but then its there like that raging storm. The one I have doesn’t have a name or label. You don’t need a pill for it. It’s the kind that a few years ago, someone would have said, “Hey here comes the grouch. Dude, why the long face“? Dincha ya get any get any last night?…….. I remember when guys talked like that. Do they still say inappropriate things? I hang around with a different crowd now…Well, its about the same crowd with just a bit more adult behavior…
    Lets get back to this bad mood and what to do about it. It’s the kind of bad mood that you wake up with and if I allow it to continue it will fester into a deep depression. At first, my mind and body like the feeling of that. Its called righteous indignation? I think I will call it an anger that will turn into self-pity then resentment……Wait, I have to look for something or someone to be in a bad mood about…See, if I allow this to continue by the end of the day I’ll be a wreck. Lets just say it won’t be pretty. Would you believe there are people that will hang on to that evil depressed feeling just so they have something to complain about and make the people around them miserable….Well dude, not me.. When that happens the feeling is controlling me. I will not allow that to happen. I will accept the snow and this dangerous world we all live in…I will just try to do the best I can….Even if its just a matter of putting “One foot in front of the other.” When I say that I always think of the man or woman who can’t get out of that wheelchair. I think I’ll go clean off someone’s car and not expect anything. I hope they don’t see me…


Tags: depressed, snow, wheelchair
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