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"And the Winner is...."

 Going up north to my sons house to watch the Super Bowl today. I have been thinking about these teams. The Colts seem to have lost some ground on being the favorite. According to my sources, as of this morning its even. There is no favorite. My feeling is it could go either way. In Vegas the line is 5+ in favor of Colts. I guess that’s where I will start….I don’t gamble so it doesn’t make any difference but the emotional edge goes to the Saints. They’ve got this hurricane memory going for them. They are saying they want to win because of the lives lost and the damage done. Dude, give me a break….Its always about the money, not that other stuff…The Colts on the other hand are a tough team and judging by experience and the determined look on Manning’s face last week it kind of evens its self out…..Then we have Drew Brees. This guy, believe or not is a good quarterback on a hard nose team. Yet there are many differences in these two teams. Hey, we can always watch the commercials. I think there are winners every where. I can’t make up my mind on who to pick so I will say the winner will be who makes the least mistakes, gets less penalties and makes the most pass receptions……It could be a last second field goal or finger-tip catch in the last minute of the game. It might be a fumble recovery and a 99 yard runback…..What ever it is it will be a good game and a  fun time for who ever watches…..
Tags: brees, colts, manning, saints
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