L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"Snow Plow Drivers"

 There is a lull today before the Super Bowl and the all the talk is about the storm coming up the east coast....I’m just hoping that we don’t get hit too hard….The snow plow guys here, (E. Lyme, Connecticut)  don’t know how to plow snow and leave these huge piles all over the place…They think its just a matter of moving the snow so people can get out…There is more to it than that… The most dangerous thing they do is leave piles of snow at the end of driveways so people can’t see if someone is coming down the road. I hope these guys have good insurance. They think all they have to do is buy a little pick-up truck with a plow and the cash flows in...Also, they need to be thinking of spreading out the snow so someone doesn’t get hurt. Just because they have that obnoxious beeper on the truck doesn’t mean someone or a kid isn’t climbing up that pile or walking behind them when they back up… People hear that sound so much today they blank it out and do they really know what that sound means? Today with all these inexperienced drivers and the thousands of cars and people these snow removal drivers need to be thinking of what’s going on around them no matter how tired they get. They need use more caution. It really is, not all about the money.
Tags: east lyme connecticut, snow plow drivers
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