L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
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"Take a Break"

All went well, the snow stopped yesterday and I went to my sons house. Later I got to see a good friend and was there when he was celebrated a 5 year anniversary of sorts. I am very proud of him.    I think I have mentioned in the past that at times I like to go to book stores. Well, I found a good one here. When I lived up there it was “Barnes and Nobel“. Here its “Border’s“. There is something peaceful about getting a cup of coffee and browsing the new books and books on CD in these places. I love the library but its just not quite the same…Today I go the my weekly breakfast with friends then take a break. It should be just right to take a long cold walk on the beach. Later I’ve got to catch up on some movies….No, there isn’t much new going on and I like it that way…..
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