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"Done at Last"

               You can’t imagine the elation I feel just knowing this dentist stuff is over. I have been picked at, fixed, repaired and polished….Next the Mustang gets a work over. Expensive but less painful…..I have to keep saying I am going to do this because I have a tendency to neglect it I don’t… It’s a reminder that I can’t let it go…Just because it works great now doesn’t mean it will last forever…..Its like anything else. If you don’t do preventive work on it, it will break down….I can see me stuck somewhere in the middle of the night calling triple A for a tow to the closest Ford garage. Speaking of Fords, today if the roads are clean and the snow stops I’m going to go North to my son’s house and meet with some friends….So far it looks good for that…….Its 45 days till Spring…Hang in there. Winter will be over before you know it. 
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Feb. 3rd, 2010 06:01 pm (UTC)
Good job on the dentist. I'm going as soon as I get my insurance cards (I finally have insurance, yay!)

And AAA... they're funny. A few times I've called them and protocal has overridden common sense. One time they told me they were going to tow my Ford to they're recommended garage "Nissan Crysler." They actually called to see if they would work on a Ford, while I sat on the phone, shaking my head at the stupidity. Needless to say, they did not take my car there.

The other was when I needed a tow (again) because my car kept overheating. I was visiting friends a some 40 miles away from home. They were going to tow me home, rather than to a garage in the city I was in... until I asked. I can't afford 40 miles of towing. @_@ But it worked out because the garage I went to was awesome. I'm going to start taking my car there for routine maintenance when I am in town (oil changes, alignment and such).

What was my point here? I dunno. Just trying to amuse you a little, I suppose. :D
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